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The process of choosing a video conference solution for your practice can be a little hit and miss due to the variety of solutions on offer. Practitioners have adopted the use of web conferencing to:

  • Deal with staff matters
  • Organise client meetings
  • Organise partners’ meetings

In fact, much of the activity previously undertaken face to face is now accommodated by an old-fashioned telephone call – sometimes with a video link – or video conferencing software.

The problem is, there is a bewildering array of software to choose from.

Practitioners still looking for a solution could take a look at a recent report issued by Software Reviews that ranks alternatives based on specific criteria. Google “SoftwareReviews web conferencing”.

Or you could ask clients or IT contacts what they recommend.

Truthfully, the differences that seem to separate the leading brands are not that great and as long as the software you choose does the job, why change.

What is clear is that video conferencing is here to stay. It is doubtful that the present restrictions on face to face contact will be eased significantly any time soon.